Deborah Jackson, CEO/Founder

Deborah is the founder and CEO of Next Level Education Consulting.  She has been an educator for over 20 years, working as a teacher, an instructional coach, a school leader, and a consultant.  Her areas of expertise include math pedagogy and curriculum and school-wide systems for instruction and culture.  As a consultant, she supports educators in developing systems for transformational change,  deepening content knowledge and pedagogy and using data to drive instructional decisions in the short and long term.  All this is aimed at increasing the quality and effectiveness of schools and classrooms.   Deborah has extensive experience with designing and delivering professional development that deepens teacher and leader practice, partnering with schools to define, refine and enact their vision for excellence, and writing Common Core aligned math curriculum that is culturally responsive.  Most recently, Deborah became a contributing author: From Being Woke to Doing #Thework.  Deborah holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania, a Master of Teaching in Adolescent Mathematics from Pace University and a Master of Instructional School Leadership from RELAY Graduate School of Education.

Our Collaborators

We partner with educators from across the country to support you in taking your school to the next level.  Our collaborators include teachers, professors of education, current and former school leaders, and instructional coaches.  They are experts in content and curricula, as well as leadership development.