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Welcome To Next Level Education Consulting

Next Level is a consulting firm specializing in equity-based school improvement. Our mission is to equip school leaders and teachers with systems and skills that improve school quality because we believe that with increased capacity, school leaders and teachers can create a productive and joyful school experience for every student.

High Quality Instructional Materials

HQIM promote student engagement, facilitate effective teaching and learning, and lead to better academic performance. We help you select, internalize and execute these materials to have the greatest impact through content-specific coaching.

Data Driven Instruction

Effective use of data can transform schools and classrooms. Data-driven decisions allow teachers to be more responsive to students, and can help make instruction more relevant and customized. We support you in developing school-wide and classroom based data systems that propel student learning.

Engaging School Culture

Deep learning happens when students feel safe in their environment and they are cognitively and emotionally engaged with the material in front of them. We work with you to design a vision for an engaging culture and develop an action plan to make it a reality.

Teacher with small group of students

Upcoming Webinar: Getting Small Group Instruction Started in Your School

Join us for this 45 minute webinar on Getting Small Group Instruction Started at Your School. Designed for administrators and instructional leaders, this session will provide a roadmap for initiating and implementing effective small group instruction within your school.


The Power of Focus

As an instructional school leader, the demands and responsibilities can often seem overwhelming. There are countless tasks, initiatives, and challenges vying for your attention. In [ ... ]

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